334 fatwas

  • The Imam Standing Higher Than Those Behind Him Date: 2-10-2019

    Assalam 'alaykum, Please i need a comprehensive evidence that prohibits the Imam having an elevated platform higher than the rest of the congregation for Salah. .. More

  • Want to Pray in the Mosque Contrary to School's Instructions Date: 10-9-2019

    In the school where I teach, the principal asked the teachers to pray in congregation with the students in the school's premises instead of going to the nearby mosque so that the teachers would be able to guard the students. If there are already enough teachers to guard the students, do I have to go and pray in the nearby mosque or can I pray in the.. More

  • Who Leads the Prayer if One of the Two is Praying an Optional Prayer Date: 10-9-2019

    If a person comes laye to the congregation and misses the prayer and then someone offers to pray with him, so as to give him "charity", then which one of them leads the prayer, can it only be two people, and is this valid for all of the 5 daily prayers? .. More

  • Prayed behind an Imam who Has Wrong Beliefs Date: 2-9-2019

    Assalamu alaykum. Suppose i prayed in a masjid for a whole month, then i came to know that the imam is a pure berelwi, who has severe shirki aqidah. Now are my all previous prayers invalid? Should i repeat them? .. More

  • Walking Downstairs and Upstairs 5 Times a Day to Go to Mosque Date: 15-5-2019

    I live in the fifth floor of our building and there is no elevator. This means that I need to walk downstairs and upstairs 5 times per day in order to go the mosque. Can this (absence of elevator) be an excuse for not going to the mosque? .. More

  • Following the Imaam During Congregational Prayers Date: 22-4-2019

    Salamualikum ! I came to learn that surah fathia is obligatory in salah in 3rd and 4th rakah . I used to lag behind Imam so people advised me not to lag . Anyways , this created fear of people in me . while praying in congregation while sitting between 2 prostrations i join the imam late in the next sajdah because I used to feel like I am leaving the.. More

  • Making Up Missed Rak’ahs with the Imam Date: 19-3-2019

    If one misses 3 rakats in a 4 rakat salah how can he offer the misses 3 rakats ofsalah .. More

  • Etiquettes When Leading People In Prayer Date: 17-3-2019

    AsSalamualikum I have 1 question. You see, in my country, some shopping malls are equipped with prayer rooms. And most of the time, I am asked to be the Iman to a small group of people (around 2-4 it depends actually). Therefore, I was hoping that you could educate me on the rules and etiquette or everything I need to know to be an imam to both my family.. More

  • Not Safe to Pray Fajr and Isha in Mosque Date: 6-2-2019

    My parent does not allow me to go to the mosque which is 10 mins away from my home for fajr and Esha salah. Because of fear that someone might attack me.Also because of these recent events. During Ramadan I used to stay in my grandparent place(less than 15 mins by car from my location) where I go to the mosque for fajr prayer alhamdulillah no harm happen.. More

  • Following the Imam Whilst Praying Outside the Masjid Date: 4-9-2018

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهWhat are the essential conditions which make it allowed to pray outside the masjid (because masjid is full). And I do not want to pray on the 2nd floor because it is too hot over there.So can I pray at the doorstep of the masjid, or is it not allowed because such passages should not be occupied?.. More

  • Delivering a Class While People are Praying Date: 29-7-2018

    Assalamu alaykumIn our local masjid short duroos given (for about 10 minutes) right after fajr and maghrib salah. Because of the duroos people dont get enough time to say adhkaar which are to be said after fard salah so some people postpone saying adhkaar until the duroos is over. Is this postponing right or is it considered a bidah? .. More

  • Student Keen on Performing the Prayer in Congregation Date: 11-1-2018

    I have to visit a long way (about 20 km) from my varsity to home. It is easier for me to use varsity bus otherwise it becomes tough for me to reach my home. But the problem is that the Varsity bus schedule overlaps the congregation time. such as jamat of zuhr held at 1.30 and the bus starts at 1.15 and reaches to my home at 1.45 and if I take the bus.. More

  • Correcting imaam with other than Tasbeeh Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. In our area, whenever an imam makes a mistake, like standing after the second unit of prayer without sitting for Tashahhud or sitting for Tashahhud after the third one, people behind him make Takbeer (saying: Allahu Akbar [Allah is Most Great]), instead of Tasbeeh (saying: Sobhaan Allah [glory to Allah]) to make him aware. Is that.. More

  • Praying behind imam who makes clear mistakes in Al-Faatihah Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please answer me directly without refering to another fatwa. If, after entering the masjid, I found that the imam makes clear major mistakes in Surat Al-Faatihah, as he is weak in recitation, while I know the correct recitation, should I join him or pray alone? Or should I join him first and then repeat the prayer? Praying alone while.. More

  • Praying behind imam who is not in state of ablution Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I understand that the view adopted at islamweb regarding if the imam led the prayer without ablution is that only the imam has to make up for it, and not the congregation, according to some of the scholars. However, what is the evidence for those who say that the congregation must make up for it as well? I know that the hanafis say.. More