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  • Offended by Her Friend Who Refused to Seek Her Pardon Date: 8-9-2018

    AsSalaamu alaykum wa ragmatullaahi wa barakaatuh Please let me know how to respond to a muslim who, when one tells them about something that they have done to offend or hurt me, whether it be today or years ago, their response is 'get over it' or ' stop living in the past' or ' its 2018 not 1998 grow up'. If they had just sincerely said how truly sorry.. More

  • Hardships Caused by His Brother Cause Him to Lie Date: 8-9-2018

    Scholars, I have an issue with lying. To my brother, I find myself lying to him over little things such as whether or not I have ironed my clothes or combed my hair. I do this as he has tendency to tease and berate me in an aggressive manner. Recently, i lied about finishing my quran reading for a day and I am feeling immense guilt over it and about.. More

  • Marriage Amongst Relatives Date: 19-8-2018

    Assalamu alykum waramatulah wabarakatuPlease there is a girl am willing to marry in sha Allah but we are all from the same extended family but with different Mother and Father is it allowed for me to marry her? .. More

  • Separated From Husband in Doubtful Marriage Date: 15-8-2018

    Assalamualaikum. I married a person without the consent of my parents. Then I came to know that the man may have touched my mother with lust before our marriage. I asked several scholars about the validity of our marriage. Most of them declared that the marriage was invalid. As I was not sure of the marriage being halal, I decided to ask for a divorce... More

  • Marriage Is Irrevocable After Three Divorces Date: 15-8-2018

    Assalamualaikum, My question is regarding divorce. If it was stated in a state of extreme anger and the idaah period is over are we actually divorced? The idaah period concluded but throughout I wanted to speak with my husband to see if we could meet with an imam for council but he wouldn't answer any of my communication and relocated to his parents... More

  • Is Marriage a Sexual Enjoyment Only? Date: 15-8-2018

    Sheikh, few years ago i was a very bad person, not religious and i used to think women as sex objects. But after sometime i became good and religious and i heard islamic lectures and all. In them i heard that in islam you love women for their religion and charecter and not for beauty and sexual desires so i statred to follow this and stopped thinking.. More

  • Taking Off Her Hijab in Order to Work Date: 13-8-2018

    Assalam AleikoumI am a woman of 20 years and I wear the hijab in France but I want to work, the problem is that they does not accept the Islamic hijab but only the turban that covers only the hair, not the neck or the chest. What should I do?JazaKhAllah .. More

  • Equality Between Men and Women Date: 13-8-2018

    I wanted to ask that, is that true that men are far better then women? as ibn kathir said:because men are superior to women, and men are better than women. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir under Surah Nisa verse 34)Some people say above is not true as Shaykh Ahhmad bin Suleman Ayyub said in Mosuwat Mahasin al Islam wa Radd Shubhaat al Lam vol 10 page 630"Men are.. More

  • Pessimistic About His Name and Wants to Change It Date: 13-8-2018

    A'alaykum. Thank you very much in advance. My son 25 years, name is MOHAMMED ABDUR RASHEED. He doesn't like his name as he saw many people with the name doesn't have successful life like not good in studies, not good in marriage life, not well settled, not able to study higher qualification etc., He is also suffering from Jinn possession (may be or.. More

  • Doubts the Occurrence of Divorce Date: 13-8-2018

    Assalmualikum My question is I am married almost 9years and we had fights a lot so he made a condition but the thing is I don’t remember the condition and my husband is don’t remember aswell I only remember that (he said if u wil do that u wil b divorce or if u did so you wil b divorce) but I don’t know what was that condition and when did I do.. More

  • Taking the Wife Back During Her ‘Iddah is Valid Date: 8-8-2018

    Aslaam o alikom Brother, year before my husband gave me one talaq. I was in my parents home and i spent my whole iddah in my parents home but we were in touched on phone. I asked for talaq because he was involved with someone else and still he is with her. I gave him my iddah time to repent and leaved that woman. He asked for forgiveness and come back.. More

  • Cannot Be a Good Obedient Wife Date: 5-8-2018

    Assalaam alaykum, I have an issue with obedience. I am a married woman, and I have noticed that I'm finding it difficult to be a good obedient wife. I find that when I argue with my husband I may walk away from him due to anger and annoyance and he will call me and tell me to come back which, due to my state of anger I don't return to him and ignore.. More

  • Being Fare When Gifting Children Date: 29-7-2018

    Assalamalekum. My father in law who is alive has three children - two daughters, one of whom is married to me and a son. All are married. My mother in law is also alive. My father in law had a property ( other than the one in which they are living) which was purchased by his own hard earned money. This property was sold off about 6 years ago in rupees.. More

  • A Female Giving a Presentation In Front of Men Date: 19-7-2018

    I'm a student to a local Sheikh in my area who does not neccessary follow the majority of jurists. He invited me to the masjid to give a presentation. In the masjid, he made sure that there was a barrier between the men and women. However, when I gave my presentation, I was presenting in front of the men. Most of the men are in their middle age. I looked.. More

  • Criteria of Talking to Non-Mahram Women Date: 15-7-2018

    As salaamu alaykum. If a female is speaking to a male for a necessity, how should the male speak to her? .. More